The TOP 10 professions of the future in the European Union

IT specialist

The demand for IT specialists is already huge. The rapid development of technology means that in the near future completely new jobs will appear on the market. At the moment, the most lucrative positions in this industry are Java programmers, senior developers or IT architects, among others. In the coming years, positions related to the development of computer games and applications, the creation of virtual reality or the development of artificial intelligence will gain in importance.


With the development of medicine, pharmacology and environmental protection, there will be more and more jobs. It should also be remembered that there is little competition in this profession, so the rates for candidates should increase rapidly. What does a biotechnologist do? S/he develops technologies that make use of organic substances in various industries.


This is already one of the most sought-after professions. Logistics specialists are needed not only in transportation, but also in construction, automotive, electronics or energy. A logistician will find work wherever production and sales occur. What does he or she do? First of all, he is responsible for planning and supervising the production process, transportation and distribution of goods.

Electro-technology engineer

Employment in this occupational group will increase by 35 percent from 2012 to 2022. An electrical engineering engineer may work in electrical engineering, electronics, as well as instrumentation, telecommunications or computer engineering, among other fields. The bright future of this profession is inextricably linked to the rapid development of technology and its versatility.

Physician/Healthcare Worker

Among doctors or nurses, the unemployment rate is very low. Poles are increasingly keen on sports and taking care of their appearance, so professions such as aesthetic medicine surgeon or physiotherapist will gain in importance. The services of psychologists and psychotherapists are also gaining popularity. New professions such as tele-surgeon or companion for the elderly may emerge in the near future.

Trainer/Dietitian – nutritionist

More and more people are playing sports, interested in healthy lifestyles, diets. We simply want to look and feel better and better. In time, the professions of personal trainer and nutritionist will intersect, so it is worthwhile to develop simultaneously in these two fields. Let’s also remember that our population is aging. Therefore, professions such as trainer for the elderly are likely to begin to emerge.

Financial specialist / personal finance advisor

With increasing financial awareness, as well as concerns about the current pension system, various types of financial advisors (e.g., pension, investment, tax, insurance) will become increasingly popular. According to forecasts, from 2012 to 2022, the demand for employees in this industry will increase by as much as 43 percent!

Big data analyst / data scientist

Harvard Business Review called the profession of big data analyst “the sexiest profession of the 21st century.” Hardly surprising – nowadays companies collect huge amounts of data, the analysis of which is often crucial for business development. So-called data scientists, first of all, should have knowledge of economics, mathematics and statistics. Their work involves analyzing data and suggesting certain decisions and solutions based on it.

Computer graphic designer

In this profession, the most profitable people will be those who can be very creative. After all, it is the design of a website or a book cover that can determine sales success or failure. In an increasingly competitive market, employers will be looking for people who can make them stand out. The days when a product had to be functional, not pretty, are history. Nowadays, companies are trying to attract customers’ attention precisely with captivating graphics.

Research worker

This is another profession that, for the time being, is much more valued in the West. Poland has a lot of catching up to do, but rapid advances in technology will make research workers crucial for further development. In the future, scientists in fields such as mathematics, chemistry, physics or engineering will benefit the most. It is thanks to their research that new technologies and inventions, medical services, medicines or ways to obtain energy will appear on the market.


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