Future fit economic education

The Austrian event to present the projects and its results was taking place under the title “Future fit economic education – debating dominant views” in Vienna on 9th of November 2023. It was a cooperation between the Institute for Multilevel Governance and Development (University of Economics Vienna), the broad network “Wir alle machen Wirtschaft” (we all create the economy) and the Museum of Economic and Social History Vienna (Österreichisches Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftsmuseum).

The main focus layed on the Austrian specific debate of the role of economic education in schools, media, university and in adult education – which is very much in line with the project mission of “fresh up work”. As a prominent opening, the project results from the two-year “fresh-up work” cooperation were introduced to the audience. Special attention was given to the courses of the learning platform which were produced by the Institute of Multilevel Governance and Development: “Foundational Economy” and “The Future of Wellbeing”.

Afterwards, a keynote speech by Prof. Bettina Zurstrassen was focusing on the state of economic education in Germany and the controversial efforts by private NGOs and Think tanks to create learning materials for schools.

The following panel discussed which kind of economic literacy is required for a rapidly transforming world of work and a sustainable future. Discussion strands covered the role of educational materials and which topics are relevant, as well as the political dimension of economic literacy. This led to a lively discussion engaging more than 50 participants, following a productive networking of educators and interested individuals. A longer cooperation between the museum and the institute results from the multiplier event.