Work on the topic of work

When colleagues from six partner organisations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Austria and Ireland work together, there is a great need for coordination. So they sat down together and discussed what had already been achieved as well as the next steps for the creation of a learning platform on various aspects of the “work of tomorrow” in the context of profound processes of social change.

In contrast to the already created learning platform “Fresh Up Economics“, this time the courses contain more audiovisual elements. The team of the Spanish partner organisation takes over the creation of the materials, and together we work on “translating” them into this “language”. And then, of course, into all the languages of the participating organisations.

Resilience – the theme of this project on “Cultivating Economic Literacy for Resilient Work in Europe” – was discussed in its various facets. And also felt, because experiencing the place and the people in Southern Ireland was a blessing.